GPS Tracker: Operation Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

GPS Tracker OKC Memorial Marathon

GPS Trackers & The OKC Memorial Marathon

Those who participate in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, despite the growing numbers annually, often mention that the race organization is phenomenal. In other words, virtually every level of the race gets high marks for efficiency.

Starting before dawn, even before runners set sail on their big day, over 26,000 runners weave in and out of the surrounding area in search of parking, while friends and family line I-40 in hopes of parking near enough to the finish line that they don’t feel like they’ve run a race of their own.

With all of this congestion, many wonder: “How in the world do the vehicles transporting all of the race equipment, relay legs, and finish line hamburgers seem to be just where they need to be before they’re even needed?” A large part of that answer is the implementation by the race of live GPS Tracking. That’s where we come in.

The intricacies of our weather overlay and 60-second radar weather updates, including cloud cover imagery, provides race operators the ability to amend race details as unique situations evolve throughout the day. Safety of all the runners is the paramount concern each year, and the 14th annual edition of the race-April 27, 2014-this point was clearly displayed.  Due to thunderstorms, lightning and hail, the race started almost two hours late. This provided an instance where our updated weather overlay platform could provide instantaneous and updated reports to race organizers to lend to their decision-making. The extra level of information armed race officials and mobile race workers with reassurance that US Fleet Tracking would guide them, no matter their duties, to the finish line.

This new level of technology offered to marquis sporting events is not new to US Fleet Tracking: having been designated the official GPS tracking company for 7 straight Super Bowls and present at both the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and London Summer Games of 2012.

We truly are honored with the opportunity and responsibility our live GPS tracking system offers us in being a part of this race, an annual celebration that has become a tradition in Oklahoma City. We are proud to say that we rose to the challenge in helping in many ways make race day more seamless for volunteers, race officials, and runners. We were part of the stage crew behind the event. You didn’t see us, but our live GPS tracking system, first to market with 10-second live tracking,  was involved every step of the way.

A new addition to US Fleet Tracking’s implementation in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon this year was the ability for individual runners to be tracked throughout their race, an innovation runners of all distances loved, and which we’re sure will be adopted more and more as we continue to offer it in high-profile events.

We are proud to have helped ensure that surprise challenges did not distract anyone from the reason behind the race: remembering and honoring the 168 lives lost in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995. “We will never forget.”

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