GPS Trackers Are Saving Money With Excessive Idling Reports

GPS Trackers Excessive Idling Reports

Idling time burns money! Cut Costs by using GPS Trackers

To open the Reports window, click the Reports tab, then click the Reports button.  There are numerous reports to choose from; most GPS Tracker reports can be viewed online directly in your web browser window; email reports are generated, and then sent to the selected email address.

Standard Report
This report gives you the basic information generated by the selected device, such as speed, latitude and longitude on a given date.  First, select the vehicle, and then select the date of the report; dates must be within the last 90 days.  Click the Generate button to run your report.  You can view the GPS Tracker report within the browser or print it out.

Start/Stop Report
This report will generate a list of all stops longer than whatever minimum stop time you choose; you can view or print the addresses of all stops made on the day of the report.  If you have the proper GPS Trackers installed, you may also run the Ignition report from this window.

Excessive Idling
When your trucks are idling, they may be wasting gas and costing you money.  This report gives you a list of all incidents of vehicles idling for longer than the minimum time you specify.

PTO Sensor Report
This report graphically illustrates when and where your PTO compatible hard-wire only GPS Trackers send alerts to the live tracking system.  For each instance, the date, time, address, speed and switch status are reported.

Vapor Trail
Use this report to view a complete graphic report of a GPS Tracker’s activities.  All travel records for the selected date and time are compiled and displayed on the map.

Enhanced Report
This report contains all data captured regarding a given GPS Tracker during a selected time and date range.

Aggressive Driving
Lead footed drivers cost you money; use this report to monitor rapid changes in speed that are often associated with aggressive driving behaviors.

Vehicle Mileage
To track the distance a particular vehicle travels in a day, run this report.  The report includes distance traveled and the average speed for the day.

Speeding Report
This report shows you all the times that any of your vehicles exceeded whatever maximum speed you set.  All speeding incidents will be listed with date, time, location and speed.

Zone Activity
When your vehicles enter or exit geo-fenced areas that you have defined, this report will let you know exactly when and where it happened.  You can run a report for specified GPS Trackers or zones to get the information you need.

Master Report (Email Report Only)
This report is quite large; it contains all of the data generated by all of your GPS Trackers during a specified time range.

Speed Alert Report (Email Report Only)
This report is similar to that Speeding Report mentioned above, in an email form.

Vehicle Ops Report (Email Report Only)
This report gives numerous statistics for any of your vehicles that were operating during a specific time and date range.  The report includes GPS Tracker Name, Miles Traveled, Idle %, Idle Time, Driving Time, Max MPH, Average MPH, Start Time and End Time.

Mileage By State (Email Report Only)
This report breaks down your mileage numbers by state.
The numerous reports generated by the US fleet tracking system give you all the information you need to manage your drivers and vehicles.

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