Pest Control companies benefit from using a GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker for Pest Control Companies

How could a pest control company benifit from using a GPS Tracker?

Pest Control is an interesting industry.  Your technicians are out on the road for most of the day servicing your clients.  Managing your vehicles in the field is difficult, and the results are mixed.  With the a US Fleet Tracking  GPS tracker, you will be able to see exactly where your vehicles are and what they are doing at any time.  This knowledge lets you make better decisions, gives you a competitive advantage, reduces your overhead costs and increases your profit margin.  Real-time dispatch and route management tools let you optimize routes based on your clients’ needs and your capabilities.

Take a look at these benefits offered by the US Fleet Tracking GPS system:
•    Better Routing: automatically plan the shortest or fastest route for each of your technicians.  You can also dynamically reroute your vehicles to avoid traffic or weather problems.
•    More Effective Dispatch: find the nearest vehicle with the product your customer needs, and dispatch it immediately.
•    Better Supervision: supervising your employees in the field is extremely difficult; with our system, you can know exactly what is going on at all times.
•    Loss Prevention: your vehicles are a costly asset.  They are loaded with expensive, potentially dangerous chemicals.  They may be a tempting target for thieves or even terrorists.  If one of your vehicles is ever stolen, our discrete tracking systems allow you to report its movements and location to law enforcement.

Reduce Costs

By implementing our fleet management system, you will gain access to valuable tools and information you can use to reduce your costs for fuel, manpower and vehicle maintenance.  You can get an overview of your fleet at any time through our web-based mapping interface.  You can manage your fleet from a PC, smartphone or tablet, wherever you are; our system works when and where you do.  You can set customized alerts that will send text messages to your mobile phone to inform you immediately of things like deviation from planned routes, speeding and aggressive driving.  These reports can also be emailed to yourself or whomever you designate automatically, on your schedule.  When your business operates more efficiently, you will save money.

Integration with Industry-Leading Software

Chances are you already use a pest control software package.  The US Fleet Tracking system can integrate directly with the industry-leading software packages.  When a customer has an urgent need, you can instantly spot and dispatch the nearest technician directly through the GPS Tracker in their vehicle.  You can serve your customers better when you have better information.

When you have better information, you can make better decisions and earn more money.  Tracking your assets and your employees in the field has never been easier or simpler.  Our fleet management systems put the information you need to make the best decisions at your fingertips wherever you are.  Contact us today by phone at 405-726-9900 or e-mail to learn more about our products and services.  Schedule a live demo to see for yourself how a GPS Tracker can make your business run better.

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