Champion Your Industry With Web Based GPS Fleet Tracking

Live web based GPS fleet tracking is the only way to go. Is your fear of technology keeping you from using web-based GPS tracking for your fleet? If so, what are you missing out on? Why have so many companies converted their manual fleet tracking to a web-based system? First of all, you know change … Continue reading “Champion Your Industry With Web Based GPS Fleet Tracking”

Cutting Fuel Costs through GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking = Saving $$$ GPS tracking is a must have for any company managing the operation of any vehicle. The cost of purchasing the service is payed back time and time by either the money the company saves with us or through additional business picked up from the additional time they now have available. … Continue reading “Cutting Fuel Costs through GPS Tracking”

Integrating A GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker Integration Is Key For Efficiency So you may be considering the use of a GPS tracker for fleet management, but you are not sure how it will work with the back-end software you are already using. More than likely, you already have so much invested in what you have been using and understanding … Continue reading “Integrating A GPS Tracker”

GPS Tracker Hide And Seek

It’s hard to hide from a GPS Tracker A recent Facebook status update alerted cell phone users of the map feature giving away a person’s location upon taking pictures. Individuals were appalled and terrified at the thought that someone would be able to see the exact location of their sleeping child at that moment due … Continue reading “GPS Tracker Hide And Seek”

GPS Tracking Serves Businesses Large And Small

GPS Tracking for any company The size of your business does not matter. Whether you are a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, you can benefit from GPS tracking. If you are in the market for a GPS tracking management system, make sure that you have done the appropriate research needed to … Continue reading “GPS Tracking Serves Businesses Large And Small”

Don’t let breakdowns keep you from your next stop

Prevent Unnecessary Breakdowns What series of events takes place following the “I am broken down in Memphis so I’m not going to make my stop in Nashville” call? Well, besides a loss in vehicle and driver productivity, there will be a very unhappy customer. To add insult to injury, despite the loss of their means … Continue reading “Don’t let breakdowns keep you from your next stop”

Sharing GPS Tracking With Your Employees

GPS Tracking & Your Employees Now that you have decided to implement the game-changing tool of GPS tracking, how do you get your employees on board? As we all know, change is sometimes a challenge, especially when dealing with various personality types, and veterans who may be set in their ways. A few items to … Continue reading “Sharing GPS Tracking With Your Employees”

What’s All The Hype About Telematics?

Telematics? In the world of GPS tracking, you may have heard the term “telematics.” Broken down, telematics is the heart of what we do at US Fleet Tracking. Through the use of telecommunications, and informatics we enable you to send, receive, retrieve, and store information about your vehicles, telecommunication devices, and employees, both local and … Continue reading “What’s All The Hype About Telematics?”

How’s My Driving? We Already Know – Part 2

GPS Trackers Replace Bumper Stickers So far we have established that our GPS tracker gives companies and their drivers that accountability piece vital to ensuring top performance at all times. Our suite of live GPS tracking features puts responsibility back into the hands of the drivers and their managers. Instead of having to wait for … Continue reading “How’s My Driving? We Already Know – Part 2”

How’s My Driving? We Already Know – Part 1

GPS Trackers Changed The Game Gone are the days of companies having to rely solely on the “How’s my driving?” sign to feel confident of their driver’s road performance. Thanks to our live GPS Trackers, companies have the ability to know not just a drivers etiquette on the highway, or even how safe their road … Continue reading “How’s My Driving? We Already Know – Part 1”