Does your GPS Tracking System have Map Control?

GPS Trackers - Map Control

Map Control in a GPS Tracking System is crucial

To help you manage your fleet better, Our GPS Tracking System gives you numerous options to customize your map to your liking.  In the live tracking web-based system, you have four views to choose from: Map View, Hybrid, Birdseye and Satellite view; clicking on these buttons will switch the map to one of the four views available.
•    Map View – A fast loading, map only view.
•    Hybrid – Aerial photography with road and location names labeled.
•    Birdseye – High-resolution aerial photography view with no labels.
•    Satellite – Satellite images with no labels.

In each of these views, you may move the map and toggle the display of helpful information.

Zoom and Move the Map

The zoom control is a narrow bar with a plus and minus symbol on the top and bottom.  Click the plus and minus buttons to zoom the map in or out.  Just to the left of the zoom control is the movement control; this control is a box with eight arrows, pointing in every direction.  Click any of the arrows to scroll the map in that direction.  You can also click and drag the map to move it.

Additional Map Control Options

Immediately below the view type buttons, you will see six check boxes: Center, Optimize, Traffic, Fences, Radar and Clouds.
When the Center box is checked, the view will automatically center on your selected assets.  Uncheck this box before moving the map manually.
The Optimize box will freeze the map at the currently selected zoom level.  Uncheck this box to zoom the map in or out manually.
The Traffic check box will activate the traffic indication on nearby interstates.  Traffic is indicated by a line highlighting nearby interstates.  Green means traffic is clear, yellow means traffic is heavy, red means traffic is extremely congested and black means that the road is closed.
The Fences check box toggles the display of any Zone Alerts that you have defined.
Click the Radar check box to display live Doppler weather radar on your map.  This allows you to see where rain, hail, sleet or snow is falling.  A radar legend will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the map; click the loop option in this legend to loop the radar animation.
The Clouds check box will overlay your review with live cloud cover.  The legend will appear in the lower right-hand corner; click the loop option in this legend to loop the clouds animation.

Show Routes Button

The Show Routes button is located just below these check boxes.  If you have any Routes defined, this button will bring up a list of them.  Check the box next to a route, and it will appear on your map.  Uncheck the box to deactivate the route.  Click the Hide Routes button to return to the standard Map Control view.

Refresh Map Button

Click the refresh button to redraw the map with the current position of selected assets indicated.  If you are in Historical Playback mode, this will return you to the live view.
If you have any questions about your map control options, click on the Live Support near the bottom of your control panel.

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