Curb Speeding With Our Reports For GPS Tracking

GPS Tracker Speeding Reports

Curb Speeding With Our Reports For GPS Tracking –

If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, you know you have to be concerned about saving money whenever possible; this has become even more crucial in recent years as fuel costs have skyrocketed.  Any reasonable action you can take to reduce your cost of fleet operations makes a real difference in your bottom line.  Sometimes, the best way to save money is by changing the behavior of your drivers.  If your drivers are speeding, it is potentially costing both them and you.

If your drivers are caught speeding, the speeding ticket is not the only cost to them.  Every time they are caught speeding, points are added to their license; these points increase their auto insurance rates.  If they have too many speeding tickets, they could even risk losing their license.  Speeding also costs your business money.  When one of your drivers is dealing with a court date or traffic school related to the speeding infraction, they lose work time.  If one of your drivers loses his or her license, your business loses a driver.  Beyond these two issues, speeding increases your fuel and maintenance costs.  When a driver has a “lead foot,” fuel efficiency suffers dramatically.  Driving too quickly is also hard on the brakes, suspension, and tires, leading to increased maintenance costs.

Clearly, if you could reduce speeding, it would benefit your business.  This is a problem; how can you supervise your drivers when they are out in your vehicles and you are back in the office?  You can reduce speeding with fleet tracking.  Our GPS Tracking system is the solution that you are looking for.  Our GPS Tracking system gives you customized reports, viewable online or by email to help you track down speeding or other inefficient driving behaviors.  The reports are easy to set up and view; you can run them directly from the US Fleet Tracking web based interface.  This is how to do it:
1.    Click Reports.
2.    Choose from Online or Emailed reports.
3.    Select Speeding Report.
4.    Choose the desired maximum speed; the default is 65 MPH.
5.    Choose the desired date range.
6.    Click Generate Report.

In just a few seconds, you will receive a comprehensive report of every speeding incident within your selected date range.  Each incident will be recorded with the date and time, exact location and actual speed.  This means you can instantly see if any of your drivers has a speeding problem.  If speeding is a recurring issue, you can choose to receive immediate alerts of speeding by text message or email; the choice is yours.

Speeding costs your business money; now, you can reduce speeding with GPS Tracking.  US Fleet Tracking is the industry-leading provider of fleet tracking and management services.  We are pioneers in the field, and we continue to lead the way with innovative solutions for your fleet management issues.  If speeding is costing you money, or you want to find out about all the other ways that real-time fleet tracking can make your business more efficient, contact us today at 405-726-9900 or for more information or to schedule a live demonstration.

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