GPS Tracking Compliance and Analytical Reporting

GPS Tracking Compliance and Reports

GPS Tracking Compliance and Analytical Reporting –

GPS  Tracking or global positioning system is an incredibly useful technology.  The GPS Tracking system allows you to precisely find your position anywhere on earth using a portable device.  The ability to find your exact location using a handheld device was unheard of 50 years ago; GPS  Tracking truly is a marvel of modern technology.  The most familiar use of GPS Tracking is to combine the position information with map data to direct users from one place to another; for many people who have problems reading maps, getting lost has become a thing of the past.  This type of routing may be the most common use, but it is far from the only use for this technology.

US Fleet Tracking GPS devices are designed to be installed in fleet vehicles used by businesses.  These devices connect to consumer GPS Tracking devices for routing purposes, but they also report their location back to you, giving you a detailed record of where your vehicle has been and when it was there.  Once you have this information, there are many ways that it can be useful to you.  We will examine two of those ways here: Compliance reporting and Analytical reporting.
Compliance reporting is useful for supervising your employees in the field.  Supervising employees whose jobs include driving has been historically difficult to manage.  Unless a supervisor is following them or in the vehicle with them, you have very little way of knowing how well this individual is doing their job.  Now, you can use GPS Tracking technology to be certain your drivers are behaving correctly.  You can easily check for Route Compliance, Speeding, Aggressive Driving, Engine Left Running, and many other undesirable behaviors.  With customizable alerts, you can be notified immediately of these problems, or receive daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Analytical reporting is used to detect inefficiencies in your route planning.  Here are three potential problems that analytical reporting could reveal.

•    Poor routing might make your routes longer than they need to be, meaning that your vehicle will use more fuel and your drivers will take more time.
•    You may have multiple vehicles covering the same area.
•    Your vehicles are routinely stuck in traffic at certain times of day and in certain places.

If any of these problems are happening, they are costing your business money.  By getting accurate information, you can detect these problems, and take steps to eliminate them.  You can make better decisions when you have better knowledge.

The US Fleet Tracking system offers many options for tracking and managing your fleet vehicles.  Compliance and analytical reporting are just the tip of the iceberg.  When you have a complete picture of your fleet operations readily available, your creativity is the only limit to the usefulness of this information.  What can GPS Tracking and fleet management do for your business?  It can probably do much more than you realize.  If you have any questions or want to find out exactly how US Fleet Tracking can help you manage your business better, contact us today at 405-726-9900.

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