Monitoring a GPS Tracker with our Alerts System

GPS Tracking Alerts

GPS Tracker Alerts System –

The US Fleet Tracking system lets you monitor your fleet in real time through a web-based interface.  This is handy when you are able to sit down in front of a computer or give your full attention to your smartphone.  By using our GPS Tracker Alert System, you can also choose to monitor your fleet with customizable alerts that come directly to your mobile phone or email inbox.  To get started, open the GPS Tracker Alert System tab on your Control Panel, then click the Show Alert Editor button to open the Text Alert Editor window.

Zone Alerts

Zone Alerts notify you when the vehicles you choose enter or exit an area that you have defined, such as your fleet yard or your service area.  To set up a zone alert, click the Add Zone Alert button.  Give your zone a name; then enter a phone number or email address to be notified when a vehicle enters or exits this zone.  You should see a red box representing the zone on your map; click and drag the pins at the upper-left and lower-right hand corners to adjust the zone’s size and position.  When you are finished, click the Save Alert Zone button.

Speed Alerts

Speed alerts let you know any time one of your vehicles exceeds the speed limit that you have set.  To set up a  GPS Tracker speed alert, click the Add Speed Alert button.  Enter the phone number and/or, email address to be notified, and choose the vehicles the limit will apply to.  Click the Save Speed Alert button to exit.

Panic Alerts

When one of your drivers is in an emergency situation, Panic Alerts give them a quick, discrete way to call for help.  Click the Add  GPS Tracker Panic Alert button to set up panic alerts.  When panic alerts are enabled, the live tracking map system will continually display the state of the panic alert switches.  Click the Emergency Alerts button to turn this display on or off.

Ignition Alerts

On your hardwired devices, anyone you choose can be alerted when the ignition is turned on or off.  If your drivers are assigned to specific vehicles, you may choose to alert them when their vehicle is started, for instance.  This notification is set for 24 hours a day by default, but you can change this setting to whatever time you like.  GPS Tracker Alerts can be sent for the ignition switching on, switching off or both.

Route Alerts

If your vehicles are assigned to specific routes, you can choose to be notified when the vehicles leave their assigned routes.  Before this feature can be activated, you must have defined at least one route using the Advanced Route Planner feature found in the Dispatch and Directions tab of the  GPS Tracker Control Panel.
To set up the route alert, click the Add Route Alert button.  Choose the desired route and the vehicles the new alert will apply to; you may also set the time parameters for this notification.  The default maximum distance a vehicle can deviate from its assigned route is 300 feet, but you can set this distance for anything from 100 feet to 1 mile.  Finally, just as before, set a phone number or email address for the letter to be sent to.

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