Why we have the best software for multiple GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Software

Click the Devices tab to open the Devices screen; this screen has two drop-down menus and three buttons.

Single Vehicle Drop-Down Menu

Click the Single Vehicle menu to see a list of all your vehicles in the Live Tracking map system.  Select an individual vehicle or asset from the list to view it.  You can view the Historical Playback for a particular vehicle.  Select View All Vehicles or click Refresh Map to exit the single vehicle view.

Group Drop-Down Menu

If you operate a large fleet or have multiple vehicle types of coverage areas, you can make managing them easier by putting your vehicles into groups.  Choose a group from the drop-down menu to view the vehicles in that group.  Click View All Vehicles or the Refresh Map button to return to the standard view.

Group Editor Button

To create a group of vehicles, click the Group Editor button.  Name your group, and then choose vehicles from the Add All Vehicles drop-down menu to add to your group; click the vehicle name, then click the Add button.  Continue this process until you have added all the vehicles for that group.  To delete a vehicle, click on it, then click the Remove button.  Click the Clear button to remove all vehicles from a group.  When you are finished, click the Save Vehicle Group button.  To remove the group, click the group name in the Group box, then click the remove button.

Driver Editor Button

Each of your vehicles can have one or more drivers assigned to it.  Click the Driver Editor button to add the names and phone numbers of the drivers.  To add a driver, click on the Add Driver button to enter the driver’s name, then use the drop-down menu to select the vehicles you would like to associate with this driver.  Add up to two phone numbers in the Phone Nums. field, and select the cell phone carrier if applicable.  This allows you to make a Skype call to the driver directly from the last tracking map system simply by clicking on the vehicle and selecting Phone Driver from Vehicle Options.  You must have Skype installed on your computer and have credit available to place a call.

Device Maintenance Button

For vehicles using hard-wired tracking devices, you can set alerts for vehicle maintenance tasks based on a vehicle’s mileage or hours of use.  Click this button to open the Device Maintenance window; you can set up a separate password to protect your maintenance records.
If this is your first visit to the Device Maintenance area, you will not have any maintenance alerts set up.  To set up an alert, first click the desired vehicle; you will need to enter some baseline data first.  Initial Miles and Initial Hours should contain these values from the time you put the vehicle in the service.  Current Miles and Current Hours should contain the current values for these numbers.  Once you have the baseline data entered, click the Add button at the bottom of the window to set up a Maintenance Alert.  Enter the maintenance interval and the last time that this maintenance was performed.  The system can now alert you by text message or email when your vehicle needs scheduled maintenance.

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