Towing companies and how they use our GPS Tracker

GPR Tracker for Towing Companies

For a towing company, the importance of promptness can hardly be overestimated.  To be successful, it is essential to have drivers when and where they are needed.  When you are managing the locations of your trucks well, you can respond in the most efficient manner to a customer’s needs.  This means you can work more jobs and earn more money.  US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS system can make your towing business run better.

Your customers need you when they are in emergency situations.  When you use our GPS Tracker for the towing industry, you can improve your response time by quickly finding the quickest path from your driver to your customer.  Better routing also leads to fuel savings.  With live GPS tracking, you can serve more customers, operate more efficiently and communicate more effectively with your drivers.

What’s Going On?

In the towing business, it is always difficult to supervise your drivers when they are out on the road.  With our fleet tracking alerts, you can know that your drivers are doing the right thing, or the wrong thing.  You will instantly know when one of your drivers exceeds the speed limit or leaves his or her designated area.  This extra monitoring will probably not make your drivers feel micromanaged; in fact, they will likely feel empowered, knowing that their good job performance can be monitored and recorded.  Better job performance benefits everyone.

Efficiency Rules

When a customer call comes in, do you know which one of your vehicles is best positioned to respond?  With our fleet tracking service, you will know.  Our Dispatch and Routing systems give you the monitoring and communication tools to more efficiently assign drivers to customers.  Your drivers will be routed to the customers who are closest to them, and will even have the fastest route sent directly to them.

Make Safety Happen

None of your assets are more important than your employees; US Fleet Tracking’s live GPS tracking is designed to keep your drivers informed and safe at all times.  When the weather is bad, towing services are more important than ever; our web-based tracking system is integrated with the National Weather Service, so you can get up-to-the-minute information about driving conditions.  When combined with our real-time traffic monitoring system, you can spot trouble areas and have your trucks ready to respond.  Traffic monitoring also allows your dispatchers to reroute your trucks to avoid traffic slowdowns.  Avoiding slow traffic can easily save many hours per day, meaning that you can serve even more customers.

At US Fleet Tracking, we specialize in finding ways to make GPS tracking work for you.  Our GPS Tracker for the towing industry gives you better routing, better response times and better communication.  The best part is that all of these advantages and more only cost you about $1 dollar per day.  This means that our service will pay for itself many times over, every single month.  Call us today at 405-726-9900 or send an email to find out what we can do for you and schedule a live demonstration.

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