Key Map Functions for GPS Tracking

Once you have logged in, and the system has loaded, the map view will center the location of your vehicles.  Zoom is set automatically to show all of your vehicles, no matter how close together or far apart they are.  This feature instantly gives you a broad overview of your assets, right from the start.

Moving the Map

Click and drag directly on the map to choose which part of the map you want to see.  Double-clicking on the map zooms in on the current position of the cursor.  If your mouse is equipped with a scroll wheel, roll it up or down to zoom in or out.

Current Device Data Window

Place your mouse cursor over any vehicle or asset, and click to open the Device Options Window.  From this dialogue, you can change the vehicle icon, change the name or color of the vehicle’s flag, retrieve the vehicle’s current location or set the map to follow the vehicle as it moves.
At the top of the window, the Device ID field displays the serial number of your tracking device; this number cannot be changed.  Click in the Flag Text field to rename your vehicle.  To change the color of the flag or the text, click the Color button on the right and choose from the palette that appears.  The six characters in the Flag Color and Text Color fields represent the chosen color in a hexadecimal code.
You can also choose the icon that represents your device on the live tracking map.  There are many different icons to choose from; you may select an icon by clicking on it.  Once you are satisfied with your Flag Color, Text Color and Icon choices, click the save button to exit.

Follow Vehicle / Stop Following Button

When you click the “Follow Vehicle” button, the currently selected vehicle will stay in the center of the live tracking map as it updates.  To disable this feature, click on the selected vehicle again, and then select the “Stop Following” button.

Show Address Button

When you click the “Show Address” button, the system will search for and display the known address closest to the current location of the selected vehicle.  This address will be displayed in the Device Options window.

Phone Driver Button

Click the “Phone Driver” button to bring up a Skype window where you can place a call to the driver’s cell phone, if there is a number associated with the currently selected vehicle.  Alternatively, you may enter a cell phone number in the number field.  You must have the Skype application installed on your computer and have Skype credit available to place a call.

Message to Driver’s Cell Button

Click this button to open the “Message to Driver” window.  From this window, you can enter a brief message to send to the driver.  Enter the driver’s cell number and select his or her cellular carrier from the drop-down menu.  Standard messaging rates may apply.  For safety purposes, you should never read or send text messages while driving.

Additional Options

With the proper hardware installed, you can perform many more actions:
•    Lock/Unlock Doors
•    Honk the Horn
•    Disable/Enable Starter
•    Remote Start
•    Message to NAV Device
•    Dispatch NAV Device

Contact your service representative for more information about these options.

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