Keep up with the whole crew using our Dispatch and Directions feature for Fleet Tracking

The Dispatch and Directions tab allows you to create routes for your drivers.  You can create complete routes or just a list of stops.  The options in the software let you simply enter a list of stops and let the computer plan the route for you, or you can set the exact route you want your delivery drivers to follow.  You can have as much or as little control as you need with the US Fleet Tracking Dispatch and Directions for Fleet Tracking feature.

Route Planner

Use the route planner to plan a specific route by placing the start and end points, with stops in between.  You can choose to automatically optimize the route for the shortest distance or fastest time, or choose no optimization to visit point, in the order you entered them.  You can enter the desired addresses or use latitude and longitude coordinates to choose specific locations.  Choose your desired options, and then click the “Calculate Route” button; the software will draw your route on the map and also produce a printable sheet of turn-by-turn directions.  You can keep this information on the screen, or print out the directions for your driver.  When you are finished viewing the route on your map, click the “Clear Route” button to erase the current route.

Advanced Route Planner

The Advanced Route Planner allows you to set predetermined routes simply by drawing them directly on the map.  In this mode, you must designate exactly where the route goes; there are no options for optimization.  You can also set route alerts to let you know automatically if a vehicle deviates from its designated route.  You can set the route width to anything from 150 feet to 1 mile and select the route display color.  Once you have chosen your desired options, click the Start button to begin route planning.
Start by entering a route name, then start planning your route.  Right-click anywhere on the map to place points, or enter latitude and longitude coordinates directly.  You will need to click at every turn or to follow the road when it veers.  To edit the existing route, simply left click and drag to move the points, or click the “Remove Selected Point” button to delete a selected point.  Click “Clear Route” to delete all points; you will be asked to confirm this choice, so you will not delete anything by mistake.  When you are satisfied with your route, click the Save button.
You can select existing routes to edit them at any time.  If you want to delete an existing route, click the Delete button.  It is easy to view any or all of your maps at the same time to make your strategic route planning simple.  All you have to do is check or uncheck boxes to display or remove routes from your map view.
Planning routes and being certain that your trucks are following those routes is an essential function of any fleet tracking software package.  With US Fleet Tracking Dispatch and Directions for Fleet Tracking, this process is easy, quick and simple.

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